According to the Beverage Information Group, 58.1% of wine buying decisions are made by women.  So why don’t more wine label designs appeal to women?  Here are some tips to connect with women from Becca Bauer from Bauerhaus Design, Inc in Chicago:

If you want to go after women, your wine label will need to:

1. Have a unique memorable wine label design that compliments your other labels. Many people forget names, but do remember artwork. For example, a friend of mine will often ask her favorite restaurant for the wine with the girl riding a bike.

2. Tell a story that women will want to share. Is your wine label inspired by your trip to Europe? Share it. The story should compliment your brand, whether it’s funny or classy.

3. Ditch the wine ratings. Instead describe what it really tastes like and what mood it will evoke. Girl’s trip to Vegas or a night around the bonfire?

4. Promote an interactive experience. 
Since the above research shows we women are social, encourage us to share our favorite stories about your wine on Twitter, Facebook or your website.

5. Donate a portion of sales to a favorite charity.
 Women love to rally behind a good cause.

If you want to put these design ideas into action on your label, please call us today so we can help you connect with more women buyers and elevate your brand in the market.