Rose City Label is proud and humbled to be a part of a very select group of industry leaders brought together to help Xerox shape the future of label printing.  We were invited along with 10 other thought leaders (7 from USA and 4 from Europe) to provide input into the Xerox entry into the digital label printing market.

This industry summit was a diverse group of successful label printers to provide unique insight into the needs of today’s leading label printers.  Kudos to Xerox!  They really want to know what we need-it is rare to find a world class company that is still listening to their customers.

Xerox has 140,000 worldwide employees in 160 countries and $21 Billion in revenue – and they are still asking how they can get better.  The fundamental questions – and why we were all flown in for this summit – are:

  • What does the market need?
  • What are we good at?

When Xerox finds the intersection of these two questions, they will have a wining entry into the label market.  Xerox already has an award-winning footprint in the  commercial print market with the iGen family of production presses. We look forward to how they can move this technology forward into the label and packaging arena.

The details of their plans are confidential – so don’t ask – but I can tell you that this company has the intellectual horsepower to make a major impact on our industry.  We are happy to be in the conversation to shape the future of the label industry.

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