What Makes a Great Label? 

What do you need to look for in a vendor to provide this great label?

In this blog series, we will examine the many attributes of a truly great label.  We will look at all the elements that we, as label professionals, look for in a label project:

1. Authentic branding and design to reflect your company mission, vision and vibe

2. Cost effective production strategy – colors, materials, quantity

3. Functional application – fitness for use as directed

4, Happy Customer-  in the end, you are the ultimate person we try to please


Part 1 – Authentic Branding and Design (adapted from an article submitted to Oregon Beer Growler, September 2014)

Based on the thousands of label designs we have seen, people are always asking for our input about label designs. May answer is always the same – it has to match your authentic brand. Your entire business needs to have a cohesive and unified brand image – really the DNA or the ‘soul’ of the business. Every business has one, and it is up to the leader to closely guard, protect, and cultivate that brand. Once this brand is clearly defined, the website, the on-premise decor, the signage, and the labels should all flow directly from this core. That is what makes a great label design – a consistent look and feel that replicates the feeling of being in your pub in person. Some are upscale and polished – some are hand crafted and rustic – neither of these is right or wrong, it just has to be consistent to reinforce your brand image.

This is where it starts – the very first part of ‘What Makes a Great Label?’ – Begin with the brand.  Stay tuned for the next installment – by the end you will have all of the elements and you can truly have a Great Label. 

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