When our customers collaborate, everyone wins!  We were pleased to provide some very high quality wine labels to our favorite neighborhood retailer, New Seasons Market, that they prominently displayed in all their stores.

Right Wine – Right Chanel

The wine was actually produced by John Grochau from Grochau Cellars.  We have been in contact with John about some additional labels for his winery, but this was a great opportunity for us to all collaborate together since we have done many other labels for different food products for New Seasons in the past.

Getting a top wine maker and a very high quality retailer working together made this a wonderful project for us.

Quality Wine Labels

Having a great product and excellent placement within the store are certainly the main reasons for this wine’s success, but having a great label helps the process too.  Here is what we added to the mix:

  • Very high quality HP Indigo digital press printing
  • Textured paper to provide an upscale feel in the consumers’ hand
  • Deep debossing to highlight the wine name with a clean design
  • On time production, delivered per the bottling specifications

We are proud to be a part of this team.  It takes a partnership to bring this vision to life.

Partner with a Leader

If you want your wine, beer, or food labels to stand out and get noticed on the retail shelf, we can help.  Call us today to discuss your project.  We continue to grow and prosper because we keep our commitments to important people like you.  Thanks in advance for your trust and confidence.