At Rose City Label, we always try to surround ourselves with industry leaders.  We work with many customers that have their own in-house bottling equipment, and many beer and wine companies that use outstanding mobile bottlers and canners, but we seem to be doing more and more business with Craft Canning here in Portland.

Craft Canning is a rapidly growing company in East Portland that provides mobile canning and bottling services to beer and cider companies.  They also sell, service, and install canning lines for people that want to bring the equipment in house.

This week the people from Craft came to Rose City Label for a tour – we want to make sure we understand the best way to partner so our ultimate end customer – the brewer or cider maker, gets exactly the right product on their bottle.  By collaborating with leaders, we continue to make our business better and better.

To learn more about Craft Canning, visit their website by clicking here.

If we can help with labels – please give us a call today.  We are busy, but we are always willing to slow down to help new customers.