We continue to invest in new tools to help our customers get the highest quality labels.  This state of the art light booth provides a digital verification of our internal color management.  The SpotOn! Software solution uses precise digital technology to ensure accuracy of spot color printing in the press room.  Digital Color Management will raise the bar again on our quality system.  Our dedicated press operators (each with over 20 years experience) are great, but this system gives them a scientific backup to make sure they are always hitting the target on color.

Measuring Using Delta E – world standard

The world wide recognized standard in Digital Color Management is Delta E.  It provides an objective way to visually show deviations from the ideal target value.  The system, Spot On Flexo, uses a digital library of colors and then measures press color using a color spectrophotometer.  We compare the measured value to the standard and plot the difference (or Delta) on a graph.  Hopefully the color is right in the center of the target range and no adjustments are needed.  If the color is off, the system provides suggestions to get the color back into the target range.

Precise Match to PMS Colors (Pantone Matching System)

The Pantone Matching System (PMS color library) is the universal standard used by all printers and designers.  This Digital Color Management system has the full licensed PMS color library included in the software.  This means we can match any PMS color specified by a label designer.  Guess work is gone and judgement is backed up by science.

Create and Reproduce Custom Colors with Ease

Despite the vast Pantone library, some labels require a truly special, custom color.  We have deep expertise in creating these colors based on customer input, but documenting and reproducing these colors can be difficult.  Since they are custom, there is no formula to recreate them (which is one reason to avoid them if possible).  Using this Digital Color Management system, we can capture a digital image of these colors and then save them for future runs.  3, 6, 24 months later, we can easily recall this color on the next press run.

Track and Report During and Between Runs

Matching the color once is great, but keeping it consistent over long press runs can be difficult.  By periodically using the color spectrophotometer to sample the color during the run, we can graph and track the color over time.  There is always some variation within a print run, but with this system we can set standards and track the variation during the run.  And, with this saved data over time, we can measure all runs against each other.  Within the run and between runs, we have the Digital Color Management system to back up our exceptional operators.

Staying Cutting Edge for You

We continuously evaluate and invest in new technology to make even better labels.  Our customers demand very high quality. We are always looking for tools and techniques to deliver that quality with more consistency and efficiency.  Thank you for your partnership.  If you want a progressive, technology focused label printer to help on your next project, please call us today.