Free Pallets – Come and Get Them!

Each week, Rose City Label generates excess wooden pallets.  We would love to give them away to a business or individual that can use them.  There are so many of them that they are tough for us to manage. The pile of pallets seems to grow and grow.  A few times each year we have to do a major cleanup of our pallet area.  We have free pallets – come and get them!

Buy by the Mile – Sell by the Foot

We generate all these pallets because we buy our raw materials in large, bulk pallet loads.  We turn each pallet into 10-30 different custom label orders. These small printing orders usually go out via Direct Transport courier or UPS and some are even picked up by the customer in our office.  Because we buy in large quantities (the mile) and sell in small, specialized batches (the foot), we don’t send out nearly as many pallets as we take in.

Odd Size = Hard to Recycle

We buy over 50 different materials from four main vendors.  These materials come from all over the USA, but most come from Seattle, Vancouver, WA and California.  Because of these different sources, products and shipping locations, we get lots of different sized pallets.  Odd sized pallets are tougher to recycle – most recyclers only want one large pile of identical pallets.  Unfortunately, we can’t offer that on a regular basis.  Think about this when you select your vendors and products – when you have odd sizes of containers or pallets, it is harder to find a home to reuse these items.

Recycle at McFarlanes Bark

Because we can’t find a reliable source to reuse our pallets, the next best option is to recycle.  Our neighbor McFarlane Bark takes our pallets and grinds them up for residential and commercial bark chips and ground cover.  They have a process to remove all nails and other contamination so the finished product is clean, beautiful landscaping material.  This is a great option for our odd collection of pallets and we are lucky to have them as a neighbor.  Learn more McFarlanes Bark by clicking here.

Reuse is Better

Even though we have a good, eco-friendly solution to the pallet problem, we still have Free Pallets!  Re-use without any grinding or shredding is a better, less impactful way to use the pallets.  If you have a need for a few or for lots of pallets, we have them.

Call us Today!

This is just one example of the eco-friendly systems we have in our business.  We work hard to reduce our environmental footprint in all areas of sales, office, production and shipping.  If you have a good suggestion for us, or have questions about how you can improve your eco-friendliness, please call us today.  We are happy to help.