We do more than just beer, wine, and food labels!

Since 1981, we have had a special division within our company making custom sticker badges for police and fire departments.  These badges are given away by officers in parades, school visits, and community fairs.  It is a great way for people to connect with the women and men that protect and serve their communities each day.

We have had many amazing testimonials, including this one from an officer in Bend, OR:

Our stickers are in high demand – kudos to you!

More than Marketing…

These very inexpensive (5c or less) handouts are more than a marketing tool for fire and police departments.  They are actually building a connection that can last a lifetime.  With all the violence against police officers recently, it is important that we reverse this trend and build stronger ties from the earliest ages.


Ordering is easy – call or visit SafetyBadges.com Today

Our dedicated badge website at www.safetybadges.com makes it very easy to order.  You can see examples of other badges, download an order form, or call or email Heidi in our office right away.  Badges are run each month as a group order for departments all over the western United States, so if this is something that would help your department, please visit the site today.

Thank you  – all of you – that Serve and Protect us every day!


Community Connections that Last

This connection lasts long after the event and long after the badge is forgotten. Kids love stickers!  They will remember that officer that took the time to sit with them, to spend time, and to give them a gift.

All the labels we produce are important – they build businesses and help brands to connect with their customers.  These labels (stickers) actually do much more.  They forge a bond that may keep a kid off drugs or help them to make more positive choices in their lives.  This is important work, and we are proud to do it.