We are Very Good at Premium Foil Stamping

Transferring very high quality premium foil stamping to labes is one of our most important skills.  We have the equipment, people, and experience to set your label apart from the competition.  For over 25 years, this has been one of our key selling points in the label market. Other label companies even send work to us because of our expertise.

Top Notch Equipment

Two years ago, we invested in a state of the art foil stamping machine.  This new machine is outlined in this video from our YouTube Channel – please click here to see it.  These key features make this press the best in the industry.Premium Foil Stamping Crest

  • State of the Art servo web transport
  • Amazing image quality
  • Large 9″ x 9″ image area
  • Solid construction for embossing and stamping
  • Touch screen accuracy and reliability

Most Experienced Operators

Our foil stamp operators have been with the business for years. Most have had other jobs within the company, but they are full trained and experienced in foil stamp operation.  Recently we had a factory service technician in for machine repairs and upgrades. He also provided advanced training for us.

Artwork that Works

Premium foil stamping starts with proper artwork.  During our recent training session, we trained our graphics team as well as the press operators.  We know that the more the design side of the business understands the print production, the better results we will get on our premium foil stamping projects.

Call Us Today

Our premium foil stamping department is booming, but we always have time to add new customers to the Rose City Label family.  Call us today for a free, no obligation consultation to see how we can help take your labels to the next level.