Rose City Label is collaborating with the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative (OBRC) on a new eco-friendly project.  If successful, this will bring Oregon recycling to a whole new level. Rather than crushing and recycling the glass bottles, this innovative new approach is trying to reuse bottles from selected breweries.

Beer Bottle Recycling

Here is a part of the text of the press release:

As a national leader in environmental initiatives and craft brewing, Oregon represents an ideal setting to create a refillable beer bottle system. Such a system would take beverage industry stewardship well beyond the success of Oregon’s iconic bottle bill program.

This program has technical challenges, so the OBRC has enlisted the help of industry experts including Rose City Label.  Similar programs have been successful in Europe and we are trying to build on this success to make a world class program here in Oregon.  Heavier bottles are being tested to ensure they are durable enough to be used multiple times after washing, and the label adhesive is also a crucial component that we are working on with the program coordinator.

Stay Tuned – This is a Work in Progress

We have several systemic and technical challenges to overcome in order to make this program a success.  With the hard work of the advisory partners and the OBRC, we are confident that we will make steady, meaningful progress toward a more sustainable program for container reuse.  Please check back often as we make progress toward this important goal.

Check out the Refill Program website by clicking here

Thank you to the OBRC and Our Amazing Customers

We were only included in this program because of a very kind recommendation from one of our customers.  We will continue to work hard to earn your trust and stay on the cutting edge of eco-friendly business ideas.