Rose City Label Sustainability

Rose City Label Sustainability is a key part of our company culture.  Everything we do has an eye toward sustainability and reducing our environmental impact.  You can feel good partnering with a company that takes positive steps each day to make a smaller impact on our earth.  Where you buy your labels is a reflection of YOUR sustainability focus, so please consider the environmental impact of your vendor selection along with price, quality and delivery time.  Rose City Label Sustainability isn’t a program or a fad – it has been a core element of our philosophy from the beginning.  These are just a few examples of how we are living out these values.

100% Wind Power!

100% wind sources power all our equipment.  We had the option to purchase a fraction of our power, but like most things related to Rose City Label Sustainability, we went all in!  Having 100% wind power is a visible statement to our employees and customers that we are all in – the earth matters to us.  Read more by clicking here.

Water Wash Printing Plates

We were pioneers in this new printing plate technology.  We etch our printing plates with soap and water.  No more solvents in the process! The machine uses a very light detergent that increases the pH of the warm water slightly, but it is odor and chemical free.  Plates are made faster and the print resolution is higher.  It has been a great upgrade for us.  Read more by clicking here.

Employee Projects to Reuse Pallets

Each quarter, we meet with our entire team to review our progress on our sustainability scorecard.  We celebrate individual employee accomplishments like bicycle commuting, recycling at home, and reusing our excess pallets.  In this post, we highlight a staff member that used old pallets to make garden planter boxes. Read more by clicking here.

Recycle Pallet Wrap with Local Grocery Store

Our label stock comes in on large pallets – plastic wrap protects the material on each delivery.  This plastic is not recyclable using conventional methods like plastic, metal or glass.  Since the composition of this plastic is similar to plastic grocery bags, we reached out to our local grocery store.  Fred Meyer was happy to partner with us.  We delivery bags of clear plastic film each week to be included with their plastic recycling program.  This is diverting tons (literally) of plastic from the landfill! Read more by clicking here.

Summary – A Way of Life and Business

This is only part ONE! Hopefully this commitment is as important to you and your company as it is to us.  If you have questions, please contact us.  We are happy to help our customers and friends on their green journey.  Rose City Label Sustainability matters.  We work hard to make our company better in many ways.  Balancing people, profit and planet – that is how we roll!