When you think about ordering self-stick labels for your product, which type of adhesive to use is probably not the first thing you think about. In most cases, design and artwork are the star of the show when it comes to your product labels. However, without the right label adhesive for your application, it may not have the staying power you need.

Types of Self-Stick Label Adhesives

Adhesive is just a fancy word for glue. And glue is glue, right? Not quite. There are many types of label adhesives, and not all will give you the result you desire.

In addition to your preferences, a lot depends on the surface you’ll be applying your labels to. Depending on the adhesive you choose, your labels can be repositionable or permanent. They can peel away cleanly, or removal can destroy the label.


What to Consider When Selecting a Label Adhesive

You might be surprised at the number of label adhesive options there are to choose from. The best one for your project will depend on a number of factors:

  • The surface your labels will adhere to: smooth or textured, rigid or flexible
  • The application conditions: hot, cold or moist
  • The storage conditions of the product: hot, cold, wet or dry conditions
  • The product itself: liquids or oils can dissolve certain adhesives
  • The shape of your packaging: tight curves and sharp edges can present a challenge

In addition, you’ll want to decide whether you prefer (in order of stickiness):

  • Repositionable/low tack/’post a note’ style
  • Removable (these generally become permanent a few days after application, but can be repositioned before the adhesive sets)
  • Permanent label adhesive
  • Freezer adhesives (to withstand extreme cold without peeling or cracking)
  • Aggressive/Ultra Permanent – for our most demanding applications


Rose City Label Knows Adhesives

It’s hard to convey decades of experience in a short blog post. To make things more complicated, not all label materials (paper, foil, clear, textured, etc.) are available with all adhesives. Additionally, our different printing methods can dictate specific adhesive requirements.  Give us a call; we’d be happy to discuss your specific application.

For over 80 years, we’ve been producing quality product labels for beverages, foods, personal care products and industrial applications. No two projects have the same goals, and we pride ourselves on finding the best solution for each client’s needs.

Tell us a bit about your product, how it’s stored and used. We know the right questions to ask so we can select the perfect label adhesive for your project. We can even provide you with free, no obligation samples to test on your specific product, just to be sure. Stick with us! (Sorry. We’ll try to keep the adhesive puns to a minimum.)