Eating right is difficult – you need to read Nutrition Food Labels. Reading food labels should be a great way to learn about what you are eating, right?  Yes and No – you need to read the labels, but you need the ‘food label decoder’ to make sure you are getting the straight scoop.


This article from the New York Times has a great quiz to test your food knowledge – click here to view the full article. The article is based on an excellent new book – click here to learn more about Devour.

What are they looking for?

There are several great tips in this article – here is one of the best – What are your consumers looking for on Food Labels?  Consumers are looking for foods with these attributes, according to the Food Marketing Institute.

  • 41 percent of respondents sought foods labeled “low sodium.”
  • 37 percent looked for “no artificial ingredients”
  • 29 percent sought “no/low fat”
  • 20 percent sought “certified organic.”

What about Sodium?

This is in line with recent research indicating that while Americans are generally improving their overall dietary quality, sodium is a big area where we fall short.  And, an estimated 80% of sodium consumed is actually added to the food by food manufacturers and restaurants.  Read the full article in JAMA Internal Medicine here.

How does this Affect Your Products?

We never advocate our food customers to chase the latest trends. You need to produce your core products – the items that align with your mission and core values.  If ‘low sodium’ isn’t a part of your current offerings,  consider them in future product design.  Don’t throw out your current recipes and start over.  Pay attention to the research as you evolve, but don’t try to be something you aren’t – that is a ‘recipe’ for watered down, passion-free products.  Yuck!

What is a Brand Owner to Do?

Follow these tips and you will be able to communicate your value directly to your consumers. Give them clear, compelling reasons to pick you when they are selecting a product in your category:

  • Stay true to Your Authentic Brand – never vary
  • Learn the intricate details of Nutrition Food Labels terminology
  • Create new products with consumer research findings in mind
  • Design and print labels to highlight your best attributes
  • Keep your products mix and your label design fresh and clean

Need Help?

If you need help with label design and printing on your Nutrition Food Labels, call us today.  Keep reading this series of posts to learn more, and tap our many years of expertise to help you along the way.