We are 100% Wind Powered – and Proud of It!

When we found out our local power company offered 100% clean wind power, it was an easy decision for us.  More than 2 years ago we made the commitment and we never looked back.   The program was easy to set up, economical, and very effective.  We use lots of energy making labels for our customers and it is nice to know that energy doesn’t come from fossil fuels.

200,000 and 300,000 – these are big numbers

Total consumption in 2019 was 191,000 kWh – that’s almost 200 MILLION watt hours of energy.  More impressive, is that using the renewable wind power saved the environment from 306,000 pounds – 150 TONS – of CO2 emissions.  Check the certificate by clicking here.

Part of a Larger Mission for the Earth

Wind power is only one part of our larger mission to protect the Earth.  We also pioneered the use of water wash plates.  All of our ongoing sustainability programs are listed in this post and this one.  Recycling pallets, plastic wrap, and even encouraging our vendors to send supplies without unnecessary packaging – all these are baked into our sustainability DNA.  For all these reasons, we were the first major label company awarded the SGP certification – read more by clicking here.

The Right Thing to Do – And More!

Being a good environmental citizen is something we can all agee on.  Nobody wants to pollute or damage the Earth, but they think it is hard or expensive.  In fact, it is neither. It is simple to start.  We have been building this program over 10 years – it didn’t happen overnight.  And, rather than costing more, it costs about the same AND it is a great reason to call your customers with positive news.  And, amlost more importantly, it is a wonderful recruiting tool.  As our workforce gets younger and more interested in the environment, being a mission driven organization becomes even more valuable.

Thank You Customers and Mentors

We couldn’t have done any of this without leaders that have gone before. Others have paved the way with sustainable business and our vendors have been very receptive to all our ideas.  Customers are appreciative of our efforts, but we couldn’t do it withouth people trusting us every day.  We take the responsibility seriously and will continue to move forward as a sustainable, family owned company into the future.  Thank you for your ongoing support.