State of the Art Label Printing – HP 6900 Press

State of the Art Label Printing – HP 6900 Press

State of the Art Label Printing – HP 6900 Press

Our new HP Indigo 6900 is coming next month!  This machine is a massive upgrade to our digital department.  We will be able to help more people with more high-quality digital labels than ever.  This machine provides the most sustainable digital label platform.  Here are a few of the highlights.

Read This First – ORDER EARLY!

While we are upgrading the press and getting factory operator training, we will be down for two weeks in December 2018.  Please order early if you need labels before the Holidays.

Better Image Quality

Because of the improved laser writing head, the image resolution is better than ever.  This means brighter, more vibrant colors, crisp text, and even more precise color matching.  State of the Art Label Printing – HP 6900 Press

Double Print Speed

At nearly 100 feet per minute, this press rivals traditional print speed. No setup and virtually no waste mean faster delivery for customers.

More Efficient Press Layout

Besides the faster speed, the press is more efficient.  This is a web press with labels delivered in rolls, but the images are transferred to the material in pages (called ‘frames’ in HP lingo).  This press has more than double the page size of the previous machine.  Maximum label size is now 12″x 38″.  More importantly, we can fit more labels of any size into this frame size which means less waste, faster printing, and better results for customers.

Better Color Consistency

Rather than just measuring ink density during the run, this press actually sees color and corrects itself on the fly!  With ‘Continuous Color Calibration’ the machine constantly makes micro adjustments during the print run to keep the tightest color in the industry.  This also improves run to run color consistency.  Repeat orders with exact color matching are easier than ever.

Sustainable Platform

The inks on the press are formed by a mixture of pigment (the consistency of toothpaste) and imaging oil to carry the color.  Previously, this imaging oil was flushed from the press and discarded.  Now, the press recycles its own oil!  Rather than doing an ‘oil change’ periodically, only a small amount of oil is added to the system as needed.

Fluorescent and Metallic Silver Ink

For the first time, true specialty inks are available on a digital press.  This adds to our very wide 7C color gamut to add distinctive color to your label.

More Powerful Variable Data

Want a unique number, barcode, or QR code on each label?  We can do that faster and more accurately than ever.  With a huge computing power upgrade, variable data jobs that previously took hours (and cost more) are now instantaneous.

Supportable for the Future

Built on the latest 2018 technology, this press will be supported for many years.  With parts, service, and training readily available, you have a reliable, consistent source for all your labels.

TLMI Calvin Frost Environmental Leadership Award

TLMI Calvin Frost Environmental Leadership Award

Rose City Label Recognized with TLMI Environmental Leadership Award for 2018

Rose City Label won the Environmental Leadership Award at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the top label printers in America.  This Environmental Leadership Award is given annually to one printer and one supplier based on judging Environmental Leadership Awardthe association environmental community.  The award recognizes specific programs, demonstrated results, and a cultural commitment to the environment.  We are very honored to join the list of past winners and we will never stop on our eco-friendly journey.  This year, the awards were renamed in honor of Calvin Frost – a true environmental leader in the printing industry.  There is nothing better than a cold frosty beer from our customer in the commemorative ‘Frosty 2018’ mug.

Results Matter

Trying hard and having commitment are important, but for the TLMI Environmental Leadership Award, results matter:

  1. Five Year Water Reduction of 47%
  2. Five Year Natural Gas Reduction of 43%
  3. Small reductions in Garbage and Electricity as well

All measures are indexed to manufacturing output as our business has grown considerably in the past 5 years.  Complete details and annual graphs of these measures can be found in this blog post.

Small Things that Every Business Can Apply

Besides these dramatic results, the committee was impressed with the programs and projects the company has championed.  These include:

  1. Encouraging employee bicycle commuting
  2. Providing excess pallets for employee home garden projects
  3. Recycling pallet wrap at the local supermarket
  4. Giving away excess pallets on Craigslist for local projects
  5. Shipping via direct courier service whenever possible
  6. Reusing items in the press room during production runs

More about these innovative programs can be found at these two blog posts click here for part 1 and click here for part 2.

Make Conscious Choices

The final area called out by the judges in this award was a leadership commitment to the environment. This philosophy is baked into the business so deeply that an employee recently lobbied for an electric car charging station – she knew it would align with our values (and with her new car), but also would provide marketing value and would contribute to this award criteria.  All team members know we are focused on the environment.  Some additional major indicators:

  1. Conversion to 100% wind power – read more here
  2. Water wash printing plates – among the first on the West Coast to adopt this system – read more here
  3. Monthly review of eco-metrics along with financial performance

Honoring the Label Eco-Legend – Calvin Frost

Environmental Leadership AwardThis award was particularly important to us since it was renamed in honor of our longtime friend and vendor, Calvin Frost.  Calvin has been the voice of the sustainability movement for decades and his message is finally being heard far and wide in the industry.  Calvin’s company, Channelled Resources, is basically one big recycling business.   For over 40 years, the company has inspected and salvaged potentially damaged product.  This stock would be destined for the landfill if his company didn’t take the time to sort and save the (large percentage) of this material.

Winning this award any year would be great, but to the first ever ‘Frosty’ award winner is even better!

Thank You – Call Us Today

We are ready to help others become more ‘green’.  Any success we have is a team effort and we want to help you on your journey.  Are you just getting started? Or need some pro-level tips?  Please call us today.  If you buy labels, that is fantastic, but we will help any business with a true desire to learn and grow in their eco-journey.  Cheers!

Sustainability RESULTS!

Sustainability RESULTS!

We are very proud of the good work we do to be an eco-friendly company.  Our people care about the earth we share and they are proud to be a part of a company that considers the environment.  Not all projects we start end up with dramatic results, but our eco-efforts certainly do.  Over time, as we have measured and worked, the gains have piled up in all areas.  Please contact us if you have questions.

Results – The Numbers Don’t Lie!

Once we were committed to the green business, we knew we needed to measure our results.  Each month we measure these four eco-measures.  These are indexed to our production – resources consumed per unit of production.  Over the past five years, our business has grown considerably, so our absolute consumption has increased, but on a per unit of production basis, we have made fantastic gains.  Check out these graphs!

Electricity – Down 3% since 2013

Water – Down 47% since 2013

Garbage – Down 7% since 2013

Natural Gas – Down 43% since 2013

Thank You!  We appreciate all your support

We do this all for you, our amazing customers.  Thank you for pushing us to do better every single day. We aren’t done yet – we will continue to work hard to make our company more and more eco friendly into the future.  Are you on the same journey?  Anything we can do to help?  Please call us today, we would love to share more about our programs and the results we have achieved.

3,500 Mile Overnight Delivery – Extra Mile Service!

3,500 Mile Overnight Delivery – Extra Mile Service!

Extra Mile Service – Whatever it takes!

When we determined that a critical shipment wasn’t going to make it for an important trade show, we reran the order and boarded a plane. We flew the labels (in Going the extra milesuitcases) to the venue in Chicago so the customer could have them for the show.  The customer loved the labels. The stickers were a big hit at the event.  Whatever it takes, we are here to provide extra mile service.  Here’s the full story:

Friday Night

At about 10pm Friday night, we figured out that this shipment would be delivered Monday, not Saturday as requested.  We contacted UPS and tracked the packages, but with no luck.  The packages were stuck in Louisville, KY and nobody would get to them in time.

Saturday at Noon

By noon saturday we had an emergency crew in the shop to re-run the job.  While the job was running, we explored DHL, FedEx Freight, and continued to look for ways Rerun Labels Extra Mile Service Rose City Labelto retrieve the job from the UPS facility in KY.  The customer was willing to drive from Chicago (297 miles) to pick up if this would be an option.  Unfortunately, the only viable option was to buy an airline ticket and fill suitcases with labels.  Saturday afternoon we were out buying suitcases to make this happen.

Saturday Night at PDX

The gate agent checked the overweight bags onto the United Airlines direct flight to Chicago.  The staff was very cordial and helpful – it isn’t very often that a person only checks their bags one way!  The passenger was just there to escort the bags, but it was faster and less expensive to have a human getting a free ride to Chicago.

Sunday 5am in Chicago

After a nice relaxing night on the airplane, I was in Chicago by 5am and ready to hand off the bags to my customer contact.  Labels aren’t always sexy or exciting, but this handoff seemed like a monumental achievement to keep the free world safe.  Very exciting to see the labels in the proper hands.

Extra Mile ServiceLater, we got notice from the trade show that the labels were a big hit.  Finally, by the end of the day the trade show staff gave away the entire 200 lbs. (4 suitcases) of hand delivered labels.  Success!

Sunday 10am – back in Portland

About 95 minutes after the big handoff, I was back through security and eating breakfast at the airport. Sadly, I didn’t see any of Chicago on this trip!  The flight back was easy, and with the time change, I was back before lunch time.  In less than 12 hours I covered 3,500 miles and made a huge impact on an important customer.

Extra Mile Service – Anything for Labels!

This is, admittedly, the craziest delivery story that I can recall in the last 24 years, but it’s really just an extension of our daily way of doing business.  Customers come to us with crazy problems all the time and we go out of our way to fix them.  Extra mile service – that’s what we are all about.  Call us today!

We Have 90 Years of Label History!

We Have 90 Years of Label History!

Label History

This metal ruler that I use every day to measure labels is likely over 50 years old.  The markings were discontinued as early as the 1940s so this ruler has seen a few labels over the years and it still works every day – just like Rose City Label.  We have 90 years of label history behind our team that gives us the tools, knowledge, and experience to help with any custom label printing project.

Phone Numbers

There were 5.5 million phones in America by 1910, according to this website.  At first Americans adopted the LLL-NNNN format (three letters, four numerals). After becoming aware that it was running out of words beginning with the needed three letters, New York introduced the LLN-NNNN format in 1930. All the other cities following suit in 1947–48.  As the communication world grew, the all numeric (7 digit) phone number system became standard. In 2010 the state of Oregon mandated 10 digit dialing – including the prefix with the number.    Clearly, this ruler has seen some changes in the label industry all these years.  Our number, PR5-1509, indicated a particular exchange (PR), where the call was routed.  This was one of many switch buildings located around the city of Portland.  You could tell the neighborhood of a business or home, not just the state, by their phone number.

Address and Zip Codes

Like the phone number and area code, the 5 digit zip code also came to Oregon in the past 50 years.  Prior to adoption of the Zip code, areas were identified with a number after the city – like the example on the ruler.  Portland 66, Oregon designated a particular section of the city.  We couldn’t find precise dates when the 5 digit zip code became common, but it was many, many years ago.

We Have Perspective

Because of this long label history, we have a knowledge base that is unmatched by any other label vendor in our area.  Being in the business so long also gives us a long term view of our customers and their success.  We aren’t just in this game to win the day or the month – we want long term, permanent partnerships.  Nothing lasts forever, but we have a longer term perspective than most local businesses.

Modern Technology, Too

All this history doesn’t keep us locked in the 1960s.  Digital printing is growing fast and we continue to invest in the latest automation, systems, and equipment to run our business efficiently in 2018.  We get orders by email, phone, text message, or any other way you want to communicate.  Experienced doesn’t mean backward.  We have a solid foundation but we aren’t resting on it – we are always moving forward.

We Can Help – Call us Today

With a long company history, many 20+ year employees, and a focus on quality, we really do have what it takes to meet your label needs.  Call us today – we are always happy to provide free, friendly consultations.  If you don’t call today, that’s OK, we will be here in the future to help as your business grows.

We are Label EXPERTS – We Know Our Stuff!

We are Label EXPERTS – We Know Our Stuff!

Label Experts

Our main focus is serving our customers by being label experts.  Competitive price is critical and fast deliveries are a basic expectation we have to meet on a daily basis.  More than being the fastest or the cheapest, we are the smartest label experts in the business.  With deep experience and knowledge, we can offer the right solution the first time.  Sometimes, that means we don’t tell people what they want to hear – everyone wants a cheaper, faster solution – but we tell them the truth and we stand behind our work.

We Have the Experience

With two employees over 30 years at Rose City Label and many others with more than 20 years in the business, we really do have the most experienced crew in the business.  We are proud of the company culture we have built that encourages people to stay with us for their entire career.  Retired team members stay in touch and often come to our Christmas party to stay connected with the RCL family.  This deep experience is priceless and it is part of our success.

Rigid Flexibility

Over the years, we have developed systems and processes that work.  We stick to these because they have proven successful with over 3,000 print orders every year.  These are proven methods and techniques – like not ordering tooling until proofs are signed, or not entering orders without artwork and quantities – that allow us to serve the most customers successfully.  We aren’t opposed to learning and changing, but we are also comfortable telling the truth even if it is unpopular.  The people that are the most successful trust us and partner with us to make their job successful.

Not Everyone is a Fit

Because we have these established norms – because we are label experts – this can be difficult for some people.  Nobody is asked to follow blindly or give up any level of control in their project, but we work best with customers that treat us as a valued, trusted partner rather than just a vendor to bid on a job.  When people have detailed specifications and they go out for 3 bids, we certainly win our share of those bids, but those customers aren’t getting the best we have to offer.  The people who come to us with a problem that needs solving – these are the people that give us the raving reviews.  They are getting the best we have to offer.  Unfortunately, however, not everyone is a fit.  We have a process and a target client and not everyone fits that profile.

Willing to Learn (and Change)

All this expertise doesn’t prevent us from learning and growing as an organization. Digital printing is almost 50% of our business today and it didn’t even exist 4 years ago.  We have had a massive learning curve as we have adapted with new technology, materials, and customer demands.  We have also changed the way we use technology to stay connect with our customers – we are always learning, growing, and adapting to stay competitive.  Don’t be afraid to ask us for something new or different – most of our best ideas come from our customers.

Thank You – You Made Us Label Experts

Thank you to the customers that trust us each day.  We wouldn’t have a thriving business or be able to develop very skilled people without the trust of our customers.  THANK YOU  – we appreciate every order we get and we value all our customers – large and small, new and old.  Call us today to see if we can help you with your next label project.