Division Winemakers Co., co-owned by Kate Norris and Tom Monroe, prides itself on producing quality wines that reflect the uniqueness of the Pacific Northwest. However, the presentation of their wine is just as crucial as the quality for standing out in a crowded marketplace. 

Their biggest hurdle was ensuring that their new wine series’ labels matched the wine’s quality inside.

The co-owners were under a tight deadline for bottling and needed vibrant labels aligned with their vision. They were looking for a local, reliable partner who could meet their specific needs with care and precision.

Rose City Label: A Trusted and Local Partner

Referred by a friend, Rose City Label, became a trusted partner to Division Winemakers Co., not just a vendor. The Rose City Label team is known for its high-quality service, meticulous attention to detail, and dedication to local businesses. Rose City Label consistently demonstrates exceptional integrity and a client-first approach, always striving to surpass expectations.

Rose City Label worked closely with Kate and Tom, offering a streamlined process managed by a dedicated client manager, Max. This approach allowed for quick turnaround times and efficient communication while experimenting and implementing changes, such as different paper types and colors, to ensure the final wine label was perfect for their brand.

This human touch was exemplified when Division Winemakers quickly needed labels printed for a new wine series. When a UPS delivery was delayed, Rose City Label went the extra mile. Rose City Label’s Production Manager, Erik, reprinted the lost labels starting at 6 AM on the same day, and the owner, Scott Pillsbury, drove them to the bottling facility in McMinnville, Oregon to ensure they arrived on time.

“He drove it the day it was getting bottled,” said Kate. It demonstrated that this was somebody who cares,” added Tom. This commitment ensured that Division Winemakers Co. met its bottling deadline, avoiding additional costs and potential delays in its product launch.

A Lasting Local Partnership

The partnership between Division Winemakers Co. and Rose City Label led to the successful launch of the new wine series, with the labels perfectly embodying the brand’s quality and vision. This collaboration highlighted the importance of having a reliable, local partner who understands and supports the nuances of a small business’s needs.

By choosing Rose City Label, Division Winemakers Co. avoided the pitfalls of working with larger, less personalized label providers. Scott and his team were proactive and responsive, addressing potential issues promptly and ensuring the project’s success.

“Having a local, family-owned business the size of Rose City is really important to a small business like us, especially in a world of consolidation.”

– Kate Norris

This partnership resulted in the successful launch of a new wine series and reinforced Division Winemakers Co.’s commitment to working with local vendors. It demonstrated the value of personal attention, expertise, and the willingness to go the extra mile. The collaboration with Rose City Label has become a testament to how small businesses can support each other, grow together, and strengthen their community.

The owners summed it up perfectly: “They’re a great, small family-owned business. That’s what we are. It’s nice to have a small family-owned business that listens to your needs, and we can grow together. “