This post is part of our employee spotlight series. This post features a guest post from Lucas Saverio Fiorante , an Account Manager at Rose City Label.

Hello everyone, I’m Lucas Saverio Fiorante, currently serving as an Account Manager at Rose City Label.

Born and raised in Portland, OR, I’ve seen firsthand the beauty and allure of this beautiful city. My roots here run deep. I walked the halls of La Salle High School, cheered for teams at Oregon State University, and most importantly, met the love of my life during those high school days. My wife and I have built a life here, taking in everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer. The breathtaking nature, outdoor activities, and the ever-present camaraderie of family and friends keep us anchored here. And hey, who can resist the irresistible charm of Portland’s craft beer, wines, and incredible food options?

But, if there’s one thing that truly resonates with me, it’s basketball. I have been captivated by the sport for as long as I can remember. My passion for the game has led me back to La Salle High School as their Head Women’s Basketball Coach, and I take pride in continuing the legacy as a third-generation head coach in the Portland area. When I am not in the gym with my own team, I am a lifelong supporter and fervent Portland Trail Blazers fan.

On the professional front, my journey in sales spanning over five years has been nothing short of enlightening. Every customer I meet and every story I hear about their business, especially the tales of their humble beginnings, spurs me on. It drives me to seek out the best solutions for them and to become a beacon of reliability for their business. Within each interaction I hope to make their entrepreneurial ride a tad smoother, and a bit more efficient.

My previous role armed me with invaluable insights. Leading a sales team, revamping our sales systems, and navigating the turbulent waters of the pandemic to achieve steady revenue growth has been a learning experience like no other. Now, at Rose City Label, I’m fully prepared to showcase this experience. Being part of a family-owned business, one that boasts of a legacy stretching almost a century fills me with pride and enthusiasm.

So, whether you’re a basketball enthusiast, a foodie, or someone looking to know more about the business world of Portland, stick around! I have tons of stories, insights, and experiences to share. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together! Cheers!