This post is part of our employee spotlight series. This post features a guest post from Mike Jacobson, an Account Manager at Rose City Label.

Hey everyone, I’m Mike Jacobson, and I proudly wear the badge of an Account Manager at Rose City Label.

Life has a fascinating way of weaving stories, and mine began in the heart of Utah. That’s where I met my high school sweetheart, and today, we’re celebrating 31 beautiful years of togetherness. 18 years ago, in search of new horizons, we packed our dreams and moved to Oregon with our three wonderful kids. What was once an unfamiliar terrain has now become home – and oh, what a home it has been!

Oregon, with its bountiful beauty, has gifted me countless memories. Be it fishing or hunting alongside my two boys, relishing tranquil moments at the coast with my wife, or simply traversing the picturesque trails of the Pacific NW – every experience has been etched in my heart.

Professionally, my journey has been as diverse as the landscapes of Oregon. After graduating from Payson High School, I took my first steps into the corporate world with Longview Fibre Company in Utah. Working as a machine and press operator, I climbed the ladder, and by the time I bid them goodbye, I was the Western Region Sales Manager. The next chapter took me to Tigard, Oregon, where I spent over a decade managing customer service for a flexible packaging company. And then, the roads led me to Rose City Label.

It’s been four incredible years here, and every day has been a testament to the dedication, passion, and drive that this team embodies. Interacting with our diligent customers, understanding their stories, and being a pillar of support for them is both a privilege and a pleasure. At Rose City Label, we’re not just a team; we’re a family. And I couldn’t be more honored to be a part of this legacy.

So, whether you’re curious about the hidden gems of Oregon, the world of flexible packaging, or just want to swap tales of life’s adventures, I’m here, eager to share and listen. Here’s to many more stories, connections, and moments. Cheers!