Rose City Label is proud to support Family Business education.  As we mentioned in this post, we recently presented to the senior class at the OSU Family Business education Support Family Business Educationprogram.  We are proud to be a family business – there are many good reasons for this, as outlined here in this post.

As a result of this presentation, we were contacted by a student in the Family Business education program.  He asked about pricing for labels for his startup Kombucha business.

Because of the students’ drive and dedication, we were happy to offer this first run of labels for free!  We believe in supporting family business education.

We believe in growing the next generation of business leaders.

We Support Family Business Education

The story of INTEA is quite fascinating, as noted here below:

INTEA Kombucha is a Corvallis based company dedicated to the production of high quality, artistically crafted fermented kombucha tea. INTEA was born out of a shared passion for the art of fermentation by four friends from opposite sides of the equator. Despite our busy lives as graduate students and brewing professionals, we make time for what we are truly passionate about, and that is Kombucha. As the saying goes in Chile, we are crazy as goats! Along with a shared passion for fermentation science, the founders believe in embracing life with a sense of playfulness, curious engagement, and joy. The name INTEA came to fruition on the shores of a Cascade mountain lake; a play on the words “Inti” for the Incan sun god and “tea”, for the nutrient medium necessary for kombucha fermentation. The sun featured in our logo represents the light, brightness, and positivity that illuminates our everyday endeavors.

These young entrepreneurs are SERIOUS about making a good product.


At INTEA, we specialize in the production of small batch, artisanal fermented Kombucha. Our proprietary fermentation process begins with a symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria and a blend of green and black teas. We create intense flavors by using only 100% real fruits, herbs, and spices grown under the sun, and capture natural effervescence from the fermentation process.

This process ultimately achieves a low or no alcohol, low calorie, gluten free beverage with a mouthwatering tart, pleasantly fruity, carbonated taste making it an excellent alternative to beer, cider, or wine. You can find INTEA Kombucha at the Corvallis Farmer’s Market, delivered right to your front door in Corvallis, and at select locations in the local Corvallis area.

Learn more at our website,    You can also email for more information –

Thank you, team INTEA for helping us have hope for the future.  This is why we support Family Business Education – people like you that are carrying the ball forward into the future.